PAUL School of Missions

We are committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission.

It was Apostle Thomas, the disciple of Jesus who brought the gospel to the Indian subcontinent, and was speared and martyred by the locals in Chennai, a south Indian City. Though the Gospel of Christ has come to India before 2000 years, it has not reached to all the people groups. The main focus of PAUL School of Missions is to rise up labourers to serve among the Unreached People Groups that are untouched by the gospel for the past 2000 years.

India is situated in the 10/40 window.

The 10/40 Window identifies a section of the world map encompassing North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It extends from latitude 10 degrees N to 40 degrees N of the equator. In and around this rectangular area live the world's least evangelized most unreached people groups in terms of Christian missions. India is a country of 10/40 window.

For over 20 years, our missionary training program (Part timely) has successfully equipped and deployed 30 church planters, which are called to church planting and frontier cross-cultural missionary work without a banner. However, our missionary training school is also a wonderful program for equipping people that want to reach out to the nations/unreached people groups/ethnic groups.

The goal of PAUL School of Missions is to challenge Christians to embrace God’s heart for the nations and to provide the best training possible so that our graduates can play their part in seeing God glorified among every tribe, tongue, people, and nation whether they are called to serve with their own people group (at home) or to go Cross Culturally.

The missionary training in PAUL School of Missions at Kolar Gold Fields is basically a three-month intensive missions Training,
We go through much of the Bible during the program as well as many other theological topics to understand God’s Word, missions’
strategy, and cross cultural communication. The academic side of the school can be a little bit challenging as we will be getting semi
literate students. But we take time for the group discussions, videos presentation, and guest speakers to keep the missionary training exciting.


The practical, hands-on experience is the best part of the PAUL School of Missions. Our school and housing is located in
Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka, India. Right in the border of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. KGF is a multi-ethnic place with different languages, cultures and complexes. So, every day student can walk out and have the chance to minister to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains and atheists! So, not only they are learning about the Bible and missions theory / principles, they will also go out and share the love of Christ on daily basis, not being just hearers of the Word, but DOERS.

During the PAUL School of missions Training, we cover topics including Old Testament Survey, New Testament survey, spiritual
warfare, praise/worship, contextualization, church planting, team dynamics, knowing God’s will, spiritual gifts, evangelism, cultural adaptation, discipleship, Homiletics and hermeneutics, storytelling, oral communication, world or Indian religions, community development, tent-making, mobilization, support raising, Computer basics, etc.

All missionary training school students will receive a certificate from PAUL School of Missions upon graduation.

Why School of Missions?

As we are all aware of the recent growing and intensifying persecution in the subcontinent (India), the missionaries are beaten,
tortured and killed and bibles are burned. Christians are forcefully reconverted to Hinduism in many parts of the nation
(India). Whereas the media is dumb with closed lips, muted ears and closed eyes. The reason for the persecution is most of the
missionaries are not from their own tribe or caste or ethnic group but from different tribe or group. So, the people are not
ready to accept a missionary/Church planter/pastor or evangelists from another group who are considered to be the outsiders
(outcast or untouchable). The general notion of the Indians is that the Jesus Christ is the God of untouchables. So, most of the
time, they look down very lowly upon Christians. They cannot tolerate an untouchable man entering into their village or street.
So who can visit them? There are the People Groups called affinity groups with whom they mingle and live. They are the best
tools we can use and raise. But it needs a lot of commitment and prayers. This is how we can reach the unreached people groups
and avoid persecution to a greater level. That is where the idea of PAUL School of missions dawned to raise the work force of
400 pastors, Evangelists and Church planters to target and reach 40 Unreached People Groups of India, over the time span of 7



Goats for Grannies: This is the project we have started for the Edigas women. We are praying and
raising funds to buy goats for the grannies among the Edigas. We have decided to provide every grandma
with one female goat, after a year she will give back one female goat to us, so we can give that goat

Yesu Dass