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We Have Decided to Provide Every Grandma with on Female Goat

Goats for Grannies

Goats for Grannies: This is the project we have started for the Edigas women. We are praying and
raising funds to buy goats for the grannies among the Edigas. We have decided to provide every grandma
with one female goat, after a year she will give back one female goat to us, so we can give that goat
to the other family. We were able to raise funds and purchased 15 goats and distributed the goats to
the Grannies. We are still praying to raise funds for 15 more goats. This is an ongoing project. At the
end, we want to see that every family in the Edigas tribe has got a goat and by which we want to see the
development of the community. Through which we want to see the souls are won to the Lord.


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