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Hope sewing center. 

“Train a Woman and twine a family”

PAUL Ministries, and our community work in unison to help people break the cycle of poverty. And to have a decent life. We provide life-changing job opportunities to women in need. For the past 10 years we were able to train and place nearly 400 women in the textiles industries and some have opened their own sewing shop and started earning income

Hope Sewing center: PAUL Ministries is providing the vocational training to the down trodden and destitute women in skill development. So far we have trained 400 women and 75% of them have found jobs in Textile industries and the rest have started their own sewing shops to generating income for their families. It is our goal to train 40 women in a year (2 batches in a year, 6 months course). The Lord has blessed us with 10 pedal machines and two power machines.  We need recurring funding to pay for the teacher and the hall rent. Also we are in need of the power sewing machines.

Most of the women who attend our Sewing training do not have a sewing machine of their own, in times that becomes a big hindrance for them to generate income for their families. If you are longing to help one of the poor women to own a sewing machine, please contact us.

The consequences of poverty are manifold and it impacts families through generations. An intervention at the right time, like educating one generation or providing livelihood to increase income can help families break the cycle of generational poverty

“We have clothe and needle, we want you to be our thread to hold us together” 

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